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Icelandic Vows

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This post is dedicated to my best pal and beautiful wife, Rebecca, and our incredible wedding.

Our story

Rebecca and I are a testament to the wonders of a digital age romance, our story started with a simple swipe right on Tinder back on the 14th of October 2016. This small gesture on our screens unknowingly launched an incredible journey for us.

It’s still a bit surreal to think that our grand adventure began with such a casual action. That swipe has led to a lifetime of love, laughter, and unforgettable journeys across the globe, proving that sometimes the most unexpected beginnings can lead to the most remarkable stories

The Wedding Day

Our wedding, held on the memorable date of November 22, 2022 (22/11/22), was a day that held triple significance for us. Not only did it mark our sixth anniversary as a couple, but it also celebrated the first anniversary of our engagement, which happened on the same day a year prior, November 22, 2021. The choice of this date was partly influenced by our fascination with angel numbers, adding a layer of cosmic significance to our union.

In keeping with the intimacy and significance of the occasion, we chose to share this special day with a small group of about ten close friends and family members. This tight-knit gathering allowed us to cherish each moment with those who have been integral to our journey, creating an atmosphere of warmth and personal connection that echoed our love story.


07:30 AMFirst guest hair & makeup @ Hótel Skuggi
08:30 AMSecond guest in hair & makeup @ Hótel Skuggi
09:30 AMBride in hair and makeup @ Hótel Skuggi
10:30 AMPhotographer arrives, planner arrives with flowers
11:30 AMEveryone ready
11:45 AMDeparture for the couple from Hótel Skuggi
11:55 AMGuests depart on a mini bus with driverguide
12:00 AMFirst look @ Grótta Island Lighthouse
12:30 PMArrival at ceremony location (Kleifarvatn) with Árni Grétar (officiant)
12:40 PMWedding Ceremony followed by a premium picnic and group photos
1:40-4:30 PMPhoto tour for couple around Reykjanes Peninsula; sightseeing for guests
4:30 PMDrive back to Reykjavik
5:15 PMArrival back in Reykjavik, freshen up before reception
6:15 PMGroup departs to Brút for private reception
6:30 PMReception starts
8:30-10:00 PMPhotographer captures cake cutting, first dance, and sparkler photos
9:30 PMGroup heads to Jungle for cocktails
LaterParty until the bar closes

First Look

I was a bundle of nerves until our first look at Grótta Island Lighthouse, where meeting Rebecca melted all my worries away.


We had great weather for our ceremony held in Kleifarvatn, the winter sun sat low in the sky. It cast a brilliant golden light over everything, making the whole place look unreal.

At times, the strong light was quite blinding but it added to the magic of the day.


Hosting our guests and sharing our first dance in Brút was an unforgettable, heartwarming experience.

Memorable Moments

Whale Watching

The day before the wedding, we took our guests on a whale-watching tour where we spotted a few Humpback whales!

The North Atlantic wind unleashed its raw, freezing fury with such intensity that it took our breath away! Luckily, we had indulged in a few extra tipples, which brought some warmth to our bodies

Glass Cottage

For our mini-moon, we spent three nights at Glass Cottages Iceland where we bathed under the northern lights


During our stay at the glass cottage, we went for a drive to Skogafoss, a right grand sight to see.

Blue Lagoon

After our stay at the glass cottage, we spent a night at the Blue Lagoon, relishing our day in the spas with three types of mud masks and drinks from the water bar. Later, all dressed up, we savored a Michelin-star meal at Moss Restaurant, capping off an unforgettable day.


Looking back on our journey, I realize that our marriage is much more than just a title. It’s a vow to keep on adventuring, to share laughs, and to hold our love dear, no matter where we are in the world.

Iceland, with its stunning backdrop, has carved a special place in our hearts. There’s nae a day goes by without us thinking about the unforgettable memories we made there on our special day.

It was a whirlwind of emotions, I experienced everything from nerves to pure joy, and every moment was a vivid reminder of our love. Before meeting Rebecca, I wasn’t much bothered about the idea of marriage but our day was like a solid reflection of our love, making me feel so proud of our journey and to be able to call myself her husband. 10/10.


Firstly, We’re so grateful to our friends and family who traveled far and wide to join us on this incredible journey. Your presence, support, and love, despite the distance, were the heart of our special day, making it truly magical.

Lastly, a massive thanks to everyone from Pink Iceland who made our wedding journey special. A special shoutout to

  • Wedding Planner: Sara Regal who handled every question and took care of us the entire day
  • Photographer: Kristín María who captured the essence of our day beautifully.
  • Officiant: Árni Grétar for crafting a ceremony that was us to a T
  • Hair and makeup: Ásthildur Bridal for giving Rebecca a special glow.
  • Reception: Brút for a night of fantastic food, laughter, and dancing.

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