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Welcome friend

In this short post, I wanted to share my collection of guitars





Great for knocking out the sash or Wonderwall. Kidding.

This is a great guitar, the action is just right so can play it comfortably

I’ve played nicer acoustics but this one is grand for just busking away for a bit

which is all i do

JS Series Dinky® JS11


My oldest guitar and probably my favorite, has the PERFECT action

I learned a lot of Parkway Drive on this beast

Very special to me

Shecter Omen 7


My most recent purchase about 4 years back, get some stupid low tunings with this thing

Lowest ive been is probably Drop G

Hardest song learned so far; Periphery - All new materials

Ibanez RGD7521PB


My most recent purchase from 2023 and by far the lightest and comfiest play out of them all!

100% my favorite guitar


Audio Interface


This is my trusty audio input, here I wire my TRS cables in

Used in conjunction with Garageband

String Theory

After some light research, I bought these bendy fuckers, so nice on the finger, light, and reliable


I actually tweeted a thread when re-stringing these packs

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