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Milo Smilo

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Meet Milo, our lovable and feisty fur baby. Adopted from Manchester in 2017, he’s been a constant source of joy and mischief in our lives. From enduring the challenges of Covid-19 to relocating between England and back, Milo’s spirited personality has been our steady companion. As we prepare for our next adventure moving to Bermuda, Milo remains the cheeky and endearing heart of our family.

Milo’s Favorites

  1. Favorite Treat: Smackos
  2. Favorite Dinner: Chappie
  3. Favorite Toy: A quirky llama stuffed toy wearing a balaclava

In Scotland

Milo enjoying his naps and exploring the floral landscapes.

Sleeping Beauty

Floral Explorer

Adventures in Ben Lomond

Capturing Milo’s adventurous spirit in the stunning backdrop of Ben Lomond.

Mountain Explorer

Festive Moments

Our festive celebrations are brighter with Milo’s spirited presence.

Holiday Cheer

New Year's Eve Party

Exploring England

From the beaches of Dorset to serene water bodies, Milo’s explorations in England.

Dorset Beach 1

Dorset Beach 2

Water Lover

Beach Fun

Moody Skies

Showcasing Personality

Milo, our little Sith Lord, showcasing his unique personality.

The Force is Strong

Paws-pital Visits

Even in his vulnerable moments, Milo’s spirit shines through.

Recovering Warrior