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Work station iteration

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img of Work station iteration


Grip Styles

Humble beginnings

In this post, I share the progression of my home work+play station over the years, in chronological order.


Intel I7 4790 Quad Core Gaming Pc Computer 1tb 16Gb Nvidia GTX 960 2GB Galaxy

My first Desktop, pre-built from Ebay and it cost a grand total £676.99

Side profile featuring my attempt at re-creating the COD:Zombies Perk-a-Cola

First time upgrading accessories;

I also picked up a caffeine addiction…

Running DayZ on the big screen, trying to get the tactical advantage but I was still shit

After deciding I didn’t want to burn my retinas, I scaled down to a sensibly sized triple monitor setup

Also migrated to a new keyboard, the Razer Deathstalker

My setup was chaotic and I loved it

Life was good but I spent more time out drinking with mates than learning new technologies, I always felt this in my day job as a Junior Engineer

I lacked direction and motivation in what felt like a very intimidating industry

But I had also developed an obsession with setups so I had to get my graft oan $$$


Apple Macbook Pro 14,3/i7-7820HQ/16GB Ram/512GB SSD/15’/560 4GB Grey/A Laptops - MacOSX


After working up to a mid-level engineer in early 2019, i bought my first overpriced Macbook Pro at a grand total of £2428.80

Which i recently sold in (2021) for £479.00


After moving a few times, I finally settled into a new flat where I kinda neglected my Desktop for a little while

I was spending a lot of time doing development on my Macbook and stopped gaming as much

Same setup but on a slighter bigger desk

Switched back to a Mechanical Keyboard

Early 2019


After consulting for a few months I put some of my profits into a beastly workstation. I bought my second pre-build Desktop from Scan and it cost a grand total £3512.48

3XS Vengeance Fluid Ti RTX, Watercooled Intel Core i9 9900K “Coffee Lake”, 16GB DDR4, 11GB NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti, 500GB SSD

Base Model

The hilarious thing here is that after paying tooth and nail for a professionally built system, It arrived with a pipe leak which had wrote off a brand new RTX 2080ti 11GB worth around £2k

After hours of mourning I returned the first build and few weeks later received my second build with some complimentary upgrades

Luckily this build arrived in a healthy condition and I was running it for about a month or so when…

One day I sat down to play some Rust and as the game launched, a coolant pipe had exploded at eyelevel

I vividly remember watching the coolant continue to pump out over the GPU as my arse collapsed

Orginal reddit post

After a shit tonne of complaining I was sent my fourth and final build that included an extra radiator to maintain the heat levels coupled with re-inforced tubing

Upon setup, I could tell this build was much more sturdy and thankfully had no leaks

Finally, I had a healthy machine!

Mid 2019

Running my new workstation with a single monitor, I liked the minimal feel here.

Loved having my guitars mounted above too

But I need another screen, right?

Line em up

And breathe

Kit upgraded

Milo liked killing new spawns with his AK and Rockets


Pretty please with a monitor on top?


Sitting angle

Probably one of my coziest setups to date and one of my favorites


In early July we moved from Glasgow -> Poole

Retained the triple monitor setup but picked up a proper mounting arm to avoid leaving holes in walls

I then installed the base of the arm through my wooden ikea desk it was perfectly snug and solid to hold some serious weight

The dreaded cabling

Resulting in a few different themes before settling on 4/4






Then AGAIN in late June 2022, we had to move again cause our neighbours were fucking rednecks.

Poole -> Westbourne

Switched keyboard here

Different rotation


M1 Macbook shelled to x3 monitors via display link

Home Raspberry PI case 1/4 nodes installed

Scarlet Audio interface

£3512 Desktop collecting dust on the floor

Ps: i plan on getting my PC back online soon, not played games in ages

the end… for now