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Downsizing my work station

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img of Downsizing my work station


Goodbye custom water-cooled RGB PC. Hello small-form-factor minimalism

A walk-through on my recent investigations for a new modern build

The end of an era but I am mature now…

Also moving abroad.


  • Small Case, reasonable enough to fit in hand luggage
  • Strong enough for modern gaming 1440p @ > 140hz
  • Optional: Extra M.2 SSD for a Linux environment cause WSL is shite.


I defaulted to Reddit for a dear lazy web approach to research and I stumbled on r/sffpc/

From here I got an idea of the sort of builds possible with the likes for many available 10L cases. Like

Ultimately though it was the discovery of this channel https://www.youtube.com/@optimumtech. that convinced me of the FormD T1 as my case of choice!

This guy has done many small form factor builds and explains everything in clear detail. Check out these videos if you are interested in a similar build

Here is my PC part picker for my build


Yes. I built this machine from the comfort of my temporary bed at the in-laws.

Night 1

  1. Assembly of Case

  1. Motherboard: Storage + RAM + CPU + CPU COOLER

Night 2

My initial attempts at installing the Riser cable showed some conflicts with the CPU cooler mount!

Luckily after a swap to the shorter provided screws, I had a flush-fitting

Now, throw it all together


First Boot

Test Results

Fyi; Using stock settings here. No undervolting or Overclocking or nothing yet